Wednesday Workout 2/27 – Fitness February

Greatness doesn’t happen over night. It is a process, a dedication to better you. However, you do not have to struggle alone. The fitness journey is always easier if you have an experienced guide to help you. Duncan McCallum is an amazing fitness coach and athlete himself. Every workout he asks of his people he does himself, but don’t take my word for it check out this video of Ducan yourself. Remember Ironside Medieval Combat is the team to support and push to help you achieve your greatness. Come give one of our classes a try for free and see what we are all about!


Short and sweet today…a 10×10

Circuit #1

Perform 10 sets of 10 reps of each exercise; 10 push-ups followed by 10 frog jumps followed by 10 mountain climbers, etc.

1. Push-Ups

2. Frog Jumps

3. Mountain Climbers (Left/Right = 2)

4. Burpees

5. Alternating Forward Lunges (5 Left, 5 Right)

Go as fast as you can! Take whatever rest you need between exercises and after the sets…

Don’t give up. Don’t cheat yourself. 9 reps is not 10 reps…if you don’t know, do 2 more. That ought to cover it!

I’ll see you in 500 reps.

(Unless you are Acoustic…because then you have all this awesomeness to accomplish, a 5 minute break, and then two (2) 800/m runs. Run your first as fast as possible, rest 3 minutes, then run another. Beat your time.)

If you like just the fitness part of what we are offering be sure to check out Duncan’s B Greater Fitness Facebook page!

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