Monday Workout 2/25 – Fitness February

We are back for our final week of Fitness February. Let’s end the month strong with a great workout written by the amazing Duncan McCallum. Don’t forget to stop by the Ironside gym for a free class!


Let’s start the week off right and get moving quick, fast, and in a hurry!

All you’ll need today is 20-30 feet of space, your timer (set for 20 minutes), a towel, and some grit. A lot of the last one.

Perform the exercises in Circuit #1 one after another with little/no rest between exercises. This Circuit is to be completed AMRAP style, which is this case stands for “As Many Rounds As Possible.”

Hand Release Push-Ups x 5

Side-To-Side Mountain Climbers x 5

Frog Jumps (Touch and Go) x 5

Foot Fire Burpees (Be sure to take 10 quick steps) x 5

Lateral Shuffle (Here’s where you need your space!) x 5 (Down and Back = 1)

After you’ve completed each of these exercises in order, you’ve completed Circuit #1. After you’ve completed Circuit #1, take as much as rest as you need before beginning again…IMPORTANT!!! Take as much rest as you need, but ONLY take as much rest as you need.

Once you’ve made it through the 20 minutes, drop me a note and let me know how many rounds you completed…winner gets a prize!

(If you play for the Acoustic, you’ve got this for 25 minutes. Remember, your Team, and the other Teams are counting on you…your squad is counting on you to do the work. The others are counting on you not to.)

If you like just the fitness part of what we are offering be sure to check out Duncan’s B Greater Fitness Facebook page!

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