Thursday Workout 2/21 – Fitness February

Duncan has done it again! You know it is going to be a great workout when your trainer is laughing before you even get started. These workouts are for warriors who want to take on the world. Anyone with the will to push through is capable of completing these workouts. Find your will, persevere, and start your journey to becoming an Iron-Warrior.


Oh yeah…I can’t even feel my face after this.


Complete each exercise in Circuit #1 for 40 seconds; after completing that exercise rest for 20 seconds. Complete all exercises one after another with the same 40/20 work-to-rest ratio.

Once you’ve completed each exercise in Circuit #1, rest 60 seconds. Repeat Circuit #1 five (5) times.

Circuit #1

Sprawl Frog Kicks


Bear Crawl


Gorilla Burpees




Get after it today and push yourselves. I can show you the path, but you have to walk it.

Or run it.

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