Monday Workout 2/18 – Fitness February

It’s the start of another week for Fitness February. To follow the Iron path one must train the body to become the best warrior they can. These workouts are hard, but worth every drop of sweat!


We haven’t done a ladder in awhile…let’s change that!

Hand Release Push-Ups/Alternating Reverse Lunges

Begin your ladder with 5 hand release push-ups and six alternating reverse lunges (Left/Right = 2)

Rest 15-20 seconds

Moving up the ladder, knock out 6 hand release push-ups and eight alternating reverse lunges (Left/Right = 2)

Rest 15-20 seconds

Continue in this way (+1 push-up, +2 lunges) until you cannot complete the reps. Feel free to take a few extra seconds of rest as you start to get higher up the ladder…believe me…you’ll want them!

Go as high as you can! When you’ve tapped out, lay down and knock out 2 AMRAP (As Many Reps As Possible) sets of Bicycle crunches.

Happy Monday (rubs hands together evilly)

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