Monday Workout 2/11 – Fitness February

Welcome back to the start of another beautiful week! Let’s kick this week off right, with workout written by the one and only Duncan McCallum. As fantastic as working out is, it is always better with a team to encourage you. Come give Ironside classes a try for free.

Monday HIIT

10 minutes of work…set a timer on your phone to ding every minute.

Complete each exercise for AMRAP (As Many Reps As Possible) in 60 seconds. When your timer dings, transition from your current exercise to the next with as little downtime as possible.

Get schwetty.

Circuit #1

1. Mountain Climbers

2. Frog Jumps

3. Pike Push-Ups

4. “Heismans”

5. Plank Walks (3 steps right/3 steps left)

6. Hand Release Push-Ups

7. 1/4 Squat Jumps

8. Bent-Knee V-Ups

9. Push-Ups

10. Flutter Kicks

***If you are a member of the Austin Acoustic, feel free to complete this circuit, rest 2 minutes, and repeat.***

***If you are Santos “Mi Amor” Sanchez, know him, have fought him or want to fight him…you can TRY this 3 times.***

If you like just the fitness part of what we are offering be sure to check out Duncan’s B Greater Fitness Facebook page!

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