Monday Workout 2/4 – Fitness February

I hope all of you rested well this weekend! We are heading into our first full week of Fitness February. All of these workouts are provided by our head fitness coach, Duncan McCallum. If you like what you see come give one of our classes a try for free!

Going to keep it short and sweet(ish) today with 12 minutes of abs/core to get your week rolling and maybe get you to sweat out some of the SuperBowl party.

You need 12 minutes…and about seven feet of floor space.

These six exercises make up a Circuit; complete each exercise one after the other (for the given time period) with as little rest as possible taken in between. Once you’ve completed all six exercises; rest one minute and repeat the circuit.

Circuit #1

  • Body weight squats x 60 seconds
  • Leg Raises x 60 seconds
  • Plank build-ups x 60 seconds
  • Partial sit-ups x 60 seconds


  • Front-to-back lunges x 60 seconds (be sure to alternate legs!!)


  • Mountain climbers x 60 seconds

Rest one minute; repeat.

Start your week strong!

If you like just the fitness part of what we are offering be sure to check out Duncan’s B Greater Fitness Facebook page!

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