Free workout- THORSday HIIT

We are focusing on Fitness February! With the help of Duncan McCallum, from B Greater Fitness, we have a new workout each day to help everyone be the best version of themselves that they can be. These workouts are a lot more fun to do as a group! Come give an Ironside class a try and have a team at your back.


Let’s keep it really…really simple today.

Death by Tens.

Yup. Got to run today. Athletes run. More than the running, this is a test for your mind. If you’ve been with me for more than 2 months you’ve done these, so you know you have a mark to beat.

For the new Folks, this is actually pretty simple. Set a timer for 1 minute. Run a 10 meter/yard dash and stop. Whatever time remains is your rest. Once the timer dings, run two 10 meter/yard dashes back to back. Whatever time remains is your rest.

Continue in this way until you can no longer add a sprint and make the time cut-off. Believe me, the cumulative effect of these sprints adds up there at the end…your legs won’t want to go forward…let alone faster.

Make up your mind…how uncomfortable are you willing to be for greatness?

Who can get 15 or more?

If you like these workouts and would like to learn more about B Greater Fitness follow them on Facebook . Also be sure to give the Ironside Facebook page a like as well!

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