New Filipino Boxing Classes – Starting Feb. 17th

Filipino Martial Arts

PB&IT: Pinto Blade & Impact Tactics
Blended Filipino Boxing & Filipino Escrima/Kali/Arnis
Welcome to PB&IT – Blended Filipino Boxing & Weaponry

It is an Effective System, Fast, Realistic and Practical for Society of Today Times.

This Self Defense system is a very organize structure with a blend of empty hand from: Filipino Boxing/Silat, JKD/Wing Chun Concepts, Hapkido, FaRang Mu Sul, Muay Thai, ground survival, defensive tactics and weaponry (Impact, bladed, flexible and projectile).

This structured system is focused for maximum efficiency, using the whole body, upper and
lower, striking techniques such a finger eye jabs, punches, hammer strikes, elbows, head butts,
shoulder strikes, low-line kicks and knee strikes to the legs, shins, and groin, Joint locks, chokes,
pressure points, takedowns and trapping. The principal idea is based on the ‘’OLD MAN STYLE’’,
where almost everybody will be able to learn, because you will not need to be super flexible, or
young full of energy or in super shape.


The train will offer skills based on almost 30 years of experience of Master Pinto in Martial Arts
and high professional competition, as a contractor for law enforcement, military and civilians all
over the World, and based in his work experience in law enforcement on the last years. Again,
you will not be being training for competition, it’s a training for survival with empty hand and
weapons, where you will learn the 3 A’s: Accept what is happening to you, Adapt your training
for the situation and Act decidedly. The 2 main objectives are: Perfection of Character and Self-

This training method will teach you precision, timing, where you will defend yourself attacking
with precision without wasting blows, where your life and your dear ones can be put on risk.
The objective is that you can learn today and if unfortunately, you will need to apply on the
same day, it can give you a fighting chance to defend yourself, without taking years of
impractical training for self-defense.

In the other hand in PB&IT you also will train in weaponry and defensive techniques against the
same ones.

Systems taught in class with a structured Curriculum/Manuals in one: Filipino Boxing/Silat,
Wing Chun concepts, Balintawak Cuentada, Stockton Multi Style Escrima, PBIT Knife:
Inosanto/Rister, FMS De Alba System and concepts of Libre Fighting.

Trial: 1 Free Class – Ages: 14 years old and up

Master Pinto: pintomartialarts@gmail.com or (646) 593 9650
FMS-Alliance Website: http://www.farang-alliance.org
YouTube Page: http://www.youtube.com/user/farangsulsa2
Long distance training available/online training/seminars
Online DVD's & Clothes: Pinto Blade & Impact Tactics https://bit.ly/2y92ELC

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