Free Workout from B Greater Fitness – 1/28

Shared from Duncan McCallum with B Greater Fitness:

As promised…

Meet Yourself Monday.

I always dig days like today. I woke up early…it’s beautiful and quiet outside. Everyone in the neighborhood is comfortable, so I go outside and get uncomfortable.

Twenty fours hours in a day; 60 minutes in hour. One thousand four hundred and forty minutes in a day.

I need 10 of those minutes. You need 10 of those minutes.

Today’s workout is simple…I know a lot of Folks are interested in getting rolling and will look at this and think “Really Duncan? That’s it?”

Yes. That’s it.

Try eating an elephant in one bite. Go ahead. I’ll wait.

We didn’t get into whatever shape we are in all at once, and we certainly aren’t going to dig out all at once either. But we can start right now. Get your shovel.

Workout #1

Set a timer for 10 minutes; use your cell phone if you do not have an old school clock like me.

Lay flat on your back and do as many flutter kicks as you possibly can. Here’s a how to video:


When you can no longer perform flutter kicks, roll over on your stomach and perform pushups. If you cannot perform a pushup, either from your hands and feet or your hands and knees (modified), hold that position for as long as possible with your elbows slightly bent. Perform as many pushups as you possibly can/hold the pushup position for as long as you possibly can.

When you can no longer perform pushups or hold the pushup position (normal or modified) stand up and perform bodyweight squats. Here’s a how to video:

When you can no longer perform bodyweight squats, lie back down and repeat the three exercises in order. Complete as many as possible, and continue the pattern until your 10 minute timer dings.

Congratulations!!! What will you do with the remaining 99.3% of your day?

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