The Triumphant Return

Matt and Shoshana, two Ironside fighters, made a great showing of their fighting skills at the Western Conference this weekend.  Shoshana is competing for her second year, and took the field with hard won confidence gained from grueling training and work.  This is Matt’s rookie year and he went out on a conquest to prove himself taking down far more experienced fighters.  We couldn’t be more proud of these fighters amazing determination and dedication to a very hard hitting sport.

Shoshana came home with gold in sword and shield, sword and buckler, and 3 v 3.  Matt came home with silver in sword and shield, and bronze in 5 v 5.  Their medals speak for all the countless hours they put into training their mind, body, and spirit.

At Ironside Medieval Combat we provide a foundation for fighting and fitness it is up to the individual to decide how much they wish to build upon those foundations.  Matt and Shoshana have both done an amazing job to build on what they have learned and taken their first steps into the world of professional sword fighting.

Keep up all the outstanding hard work!





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