Women’s Self Defense Class Day 2

The final day of the women’s self defense class brought simulations and confidence builders.  It is one thing to learn techniques its something completely different to put them to immediate use.  Thanks to the help of instructor Nicholas Ironside students were able to test out their techniques in “real world” situations.  They could leave the class with confidence that the skills they learned really work.

Day 2 overview of the Women’s Self Defense class. We went over two different scenarios in this class. The first one was being attacked while out running or hiking. The second was what to do during a home invasion. Students were put to the challenge and given opportunities to test their newly acquired skills in mock simulations. It was both shocking to their system and a great experience builder. We ended the class testing out various knives and hair barrettes to see if they can punch through cloth in self defense. A huge shout out to @silverline_knife_designs and @nicholasironside for helping with this class! #ironside #ironsidemc #ironsidemedievalcombat #womenselfdefense

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