Women’s Self Defense Class Day 1

We got a lot of great work in with today’s women’s self defense class. I got to watch a woman easily half the size of Nicholas Ironside throw him around. The tactics we were teaching really work. They are designed to work with a woman’s natural instincts and can be immediately implemented. Practice can greatly improve the execution of the technique, however students can walk away with practical skills right away. I’m really looking forward to day 2 of this class!

We covered two different scenarios in class today.  The first scenario was set for a crowed area such as a night club.  The second scenario was set for a dark parking lot.  Each scenario had it’s own unique set of skills being taught.  These skills are easy to learn and can be implemented right away.  Each technique lays a foundation stone for more learning.  It is the hope that these classes could save lives.  It all has to do with a person’s willingness to take their future and safety into their own hands.

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