Quill – Self Defense Tool

One of the topics covered in the Women’s Self Defense class is hidden weapons women can have with them. Let me introduce you to the “Quill.” The Quill is a long metal Spike that can be worn in a woman’s hair. It works for just about any occasion from formal dresses to working out in the gym. It is also a 4” long dagger that can be instantly accessed if attacked. The Quill was custom designed by instructor Nathan TwoEagles-Downing and tested by instructor Janeal Ironside. Come join us on Dec. 1 or 2 from noon-4pm to learn about the defensive advantages this unique piece of jewelry can offer.

With the registration and prepay of the women’s self defense class, names will be entered into a free giveaway for a Quill complete with butterfly barrette. We will also have more available for purchase during the class.

But wait there is more!  The first ten registered and prepay participants will also be given 1 month free membership to Ironside Medieval Combat.

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