Kids Classes

img_4336Learning the skills of a swordsman is a great way to help enrich a child’s development.  Concentration, focus, skill and the discipline to push through adversity and difficult trials are all things that can be gained or improved through martial arts training.

At Ironside, our instructors want to see our students grow as much as any parent.  Through training and interaction with their classmates our students can learn to cooperate with others and learn respect and chivalry.img_4339

Kids Classes:

Tues. & Thurs. 5:30pm-6:00pm

$75 a month


Regular testing with visible awards will give the students goals to help them take personal commitment to their training and growth.

Our Ironside Page class took their first belt test this week.  The kids all worked super hard on both their fitness and swordsmanship.  So proud of these little guys!  They are the future of this sport!

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