New Competition Class!

Classes Mondays and Wednesdays from 8:00pm – 9:00pm


We are happy to announce our new Foam Rollingcompetition class at Ironside Medieval Combat. This class is not for the feint of heart. Instead if you are looking for a challenge, to push yourself to new levels of fitness and combat look no farther. Our competition class is two days a week and follows our Iron-Warrior system to prepare fighters for the World Championship.

Fitness 2

There are three essential elements in our Iron-Warrior system. The three elements are fitness, nutrition, and skills. We have one of the most intensive fitness programs that has been custom designed for fully armored combat. Fighters will push to improve their agility, speed, endurance, and strength. The fitness standards and intensity are much higher for this class than any of our other classes. In addition to the fitness covered in class students will be expected to keep a log of their workouts outside of class.


Along with fitness is advanced skill work and sparring. Students will learn advanced swordsmanship, polearm fighting, and a wide range of other weapon styles. We will go over drills and practice that is expected to be worked 2-3 times at home. Students don’t practice until they can get it right. They practice until they can’t get it wrong.




Lastly, we will cover basic nutrition counseling with recipes and meal suggestions. To fight at a world championship level the body needs fuel. Students are also expected to keep a food log as they progress students will be guided to better enhance their fighting abilities.




The best news about this new class, it is available with any Ironside Membership without any additional cost.  This class is being taught by undefeated world champion fighter Janeal Ironside.

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