Kids Jedi Classes

The best part of summer is quickly approaching!  Ironside Medieval Combat is hosting four days of Jedi themed fun for kids of ages 7 and up.  The Jedi classes will happen the week of July 23-26 each day from 1pm-3pm.  We are lucky enough to have a new outdoor location next to Rocky Mountain Brewery.  Parents can drop off their kids for some fun in the sun, then relax in the shade drinking good beer and delicious homemade sodas.

Location: 625 Paonia St Colorado Springs CO 80915

Dates: 7/23-7/26

Time: 1Pm – 3Pm

Price: $30 a day or $100 for all four days

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Day 1 – Quest for a Kyber Crystal

Kyber CrystalKids will have to face an obstacle course and solve challenges to earn their own Kyber Crystal.  Their Kyber Crystals will become the heart of their lightsabers.

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Day 2 – Empire or ResistanceEmpire v Rebel

Students will decide what side of the conflict they wish to be on, the Empire or Resistance.  They will also choose what kind of Jedi they will be by designing their own lightsabers and shields.

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Day 3 – Tournament Battle of the Jedi

Jedi BattleStudents will test out their new lightsabers and shields in a tournament of skills and wit.

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Day 4 – Fortress Battle

Kids will be given cardboard and other supplies to build a fortress.  At the end of their time they will be armed with water balloons, lightsabers, and squirt guns.  The goal will be to capture the flag hidden within the other team’s fortress.

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