Mile High Clash

Ironside Medieval Combat is proud to host the Mile High Clash tournament at the Colorado Medieval Festival on June 1-3.

1750 Savage Road Loveland, Colorado 80538

This tournament is an independent event being covered by Ironside insurance. League memberships, and affiliations do not matter. Our goal is to create neutral ground for fighters to come together and have fun!

This tournament will be based on IMCF rules, mainly due to the fact that I am most familiar with those rules. We will allow HMB armor and weapons, if they follow the HMB rules. “Simon” straps are encouraged but not required. However, if your helmet comes off you are not fighting again until you can convince me beyond a shadow of a doubt it won’t happen again. This is a very public and family oriented event, we don’t want people getting seriously injured.

This is a free event for fighters. During the day we will provide free food. There are also major discounts on hotel and transportation. Please let me know if you are interested in joining us for this event!

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