National Champion

Last year, Ironside Medieval Combat opened their doors for the first time and accepted our first batch of students.  Among these students was Shoshana Shellans.  She brought with her an enthusiasm for all things medieval.  Like a shining star, she quickly soared above all expectations.

On her journey she took her first steps onto the competition field in California.  She was one of only two female competitors for this tournament.  She left that tournament with bruises, sore muscles, a 3rd place medal, and completely hooked on steel fighting.  With inspiration and lessons learned Shoshana completely dedicated herself to her new craft.

img_0216She trained several days a week. She worked out hard, to turn her body into a lean mean fighting machine. She also traveled around the country kicking butt making a name for herself as one of the best female fighters in the nation.

Last weekend, Shoshana stepped out on to the competition field yet again.  However, this competition was very special.  This tournament was the final national qualifier for the Armored Combat League.  The winners from this national level tournament would earn the right to represent the United States of America in the International Medieval Combat Federation World Championship.

After three hard days of fighting under the hot Arizona sun, Shoshana triumphed over all.  It is with great pleasure to announce Shoshana’s victory.  She is now the top female sword and shield champion of the United States of America!

Congratulations Shoshana!  We are all so incredibly proud of you.

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