Guest Instructor – Duncan McCallum

Duncan is an International Sports Sciences Association Accredited Personal Trainer with a PN1 Nutrition Certification.  He has a long history of sports participation.  From high school football, to college football, and later Scottish Highland Games.  He later went on to earn multiple titles and awards, including two North American Amateur Championships, US Open Amateur Championships, and multiple outstanding accomplishments.  This long list of very impressive feats has helped Duncan develop into one of the world’s best personal trainers.

He is now bringing his wealth of knowledge, experience, and expertise to Ironside Medieval Combat.  Duncan has a lot of experience coaching sword fighters including being a main sponsor for the USA Women’s team.  He will be teaching an all day class on physical fitness, nutrition, and getting into the best fighting shape you can be.

Ducan’s class will be on Saturday, April 28th.

There is an early bird sale for tickets to this class. Click here to buy your ticket in advanced.

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If you want to learn more about Duncan click here to visit his website.

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