New Belly Dancing Classes

Ironside Medieval Combat, with instructor Janeal “Key” Ironside, had such a great turn out and interest in our 3 session Belly Dancing workshops we are now offering weekly classes! Belly Dancing has a rich and empowering history for women throughout the world. These classes will be about connecting women and men with their bodies, to harness their own power, beauty, and grace. These dancing classes will cover a wide variety of styles and use of accessories such as swords, spears, veils, candles, and much more. Each month we will have a different focus allowing dancers to learn a wide range of skills. Dancing is an excellent aerobic workout that builds stamina, agility, and grace in a fun and empowering way.

For our first month we will be covering basic belly dancing and sword dancing. No where else will you find a dancing style that blends unique Eastern martial arts, Western sword fighting, and Middle Eastern style dancing. Belly Dancing with a sword is about balance and control. It is a display of deadly grace and feminine beauty. In this class dancers will learn how to shimmy, glide, and dance while balancing a sword. They will also learn stylized fighting moves and drills that helped Janeal Ironside train to win the National women’s longsword competition.
Ironside Medieval Combat is also selling Scimitar-style maple dancing swords. These swords were custom designed and made to ideally suit the unique dancing style taught at Ironside MC. Each of these swords were hand made by Woolcarders Wooden Swords and is exclusively sold at Ironside MC. They are high quality practice swords and are less expensive then the cheapest, lowest quality steel dancing swords that can be found on the market.

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    1. Michele the classes have already begun. Please feel free to join us on Monday’s and Wednesday’s from 5:30-6:00pm

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