Belly Dancing – Spear Work 103

Spear dancing is extremely rare in modern times. However, warriors throughout history would use dancing as a way to train their mind and body for the battles soon to come.

Spear dancing requires confidence, strength, concentration, and grace. It is also an inspiring way to learn all of these virtues.

This class is being taught by world champion spear fighter Janeal Ironside. She will be teaching the dancing moves that helped her train for battle.

Broom sticks make excellent practice dancing spears, and can be purchased cheaply at any hardware store. Dancers must bring their own practice spear. No prior knowledge is required for this class.

This class is $10 or $5 for those who attend the first two dancing classes.

March 10th from 2:00pm-4:00pm

1845 N Circle Dr Colorado Springs CO 80909

For more information please follow our Facebook event


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